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Red Fish Factory
Thomas Engels & Christoph Broich, Red Fish Factory

Red Fish Factory is a project by artist and fashion designer Christoph Broich and textile business manager Thomas Engels.

Red Fish Factory represents a crossover of art and design with focus on the exchange between local and international initiatives. Besides the owners design-studio, there are several rooms available for exhibitions, showrooms, film- and photoshoots.

Red Fish Factory organizes own events. But the spaces can also be rented by extern companies. The rooms are perfect for meetings, teambuilding and incentive events.

Originally the building hosted a clothing company for nightgowns (brand: IDEAL) and a wholesale for fabrics until the early 1980's. After that it tuned into a dancing school and a school for martial arts, a factory for fire extinguishing devices for ships, and the secondhand market 'Kringloopwinkel', where the owners bought a lot of furniture and other goodies long time before they knew that they once would bring it back to this place which is now their own.

different spaces for many purposes